Dark tourism? In Moscow: 
GULAG History State Museum, Museum of the Soviet Army,Museum of Contemporary Russian History

The GULAG History State Museum in Moscow was established in 2001. The museum was launched in 2004. The new GULAG History State Museum established in 2015 is bigger than the previous one and is dedicated to the millions who were persecuted in Soviet labour camps in 1930-1950 - in the so-called Gulag system. One of the most important exposition's sections is the reconstruction of some details of camp's environment.
The first exposition which showed the military condition of the Soviet Union was organised in the building of todays’s GUM and was opened by Vladimir Lenin in 1919.The Central Armed Forces Museum also known as the Museum of the Soviet Army was moved to its present location in 1965. Over its history the museum has managed to accumulate the most prominent and important military relics of the Soviet period, creating a record of its military past.
The Museum of Contemporary Russian History was opened in 1924 and has an extensive collection that documents the country's political development over the last 150 years. All sorts of unique items including photos, posters, books, and documents look at and analyse the most important events in recent history. There are also detailed and informative accounts of events since the fall of Communism.
These photos show some details from these three museums and were taken in April 2017.
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