Dark tourism? Rumbula Forest
The Rumbula massacre is a collective term for incidents on two non-consecutive days (November 30 and December 8, 1941) in which about 25,000 Jews were killed in or on the way to Rumbula forest near Riga by members of the SS, assisted by Latvian collaborators, during the Holocaust.
About 24,000 of the victims were Latvian Jews from the Riga Ghetto and approximately 1,000 were German Jews transported to the forest by train.
Until the late 1980’s the memorials identified the dead as Soviet citizens, although members of the Jews community illegally tended the site and were eventually allowed to add a modest Stone bearing Hebrew text. The focal point of the memorial, constructed in 2002, is a large menorah, surronded by broken stones, each of which is inscribed with the names of a murdered family.
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