Europe souvenir: tourists in action

At the moment (2009) Manel Clemente is working in a creative photographic project, Europe souvenir. The author is making an anthropological reseach about urban and cultural tourism in Europe.
These pictures below show some tourists in action, taking photos around Europe: Berlin, Valencia, Venecia, Helsinky, Barcelona, Oslo, Wienn, Sevilla, Toulouse...
In the near future Manel Clemente is going to continue this project in some different cities around the world, as Beijing and New York.
                Barcelona, La Pedrera 01
Barcelona, La Pedrera 02
Berlin, Altes Museum, Nefertiti
Valencia, Museo Oceanográfico
Venecia, gondola
Helsinky, Monument Alexander II
Barcelona, Casa Batlló
Oslo, Vigelandsparken 01
Oslo, Vigelandsparken 02
Valencia, Ciudad de las Ciencias y las Artes
Wien, Michaelertrack
Valencia, Cathedral tower
Sevilla, Plaza de la Giralda
Sevilla, Plaza de España
Toulouse, Exhibition at the Place du Capitole, the photographer with his daughter
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