Europe souvenir: walking the tourists
At the moment (2009) Manel Clemente is working in a creative photographic project,            Europe souvenir. The author is making an anthropological reseach about urban and cultural tourism in Europe.
These pictures below show the tourists "being walked" around Europe: Oporto, Salzburg, Sevilla, Paris, Stockholm, Roma, Brugge, Amsterdam, Berlin, London...
In the near future Manel Clemente is going to continue this project in some different cities around the world, as Beijing and New York.

 Passenger aircraft, hand 01
Oporto, barrio Se, sign
Salzburg, road sign
Sevilla, horse carriages, tourists
Paris, Eiffel Tower, information abour average waiting time
Paris, Seine river cruises, tickets selling
Stockholm, Open Top Tours, coach
Roma, sightseeing bus
Sevilla, signtseeing bus
Oporto, sightseeing bus
Brugge, sightseeing boats
Amsterdam, sightseeing boat
Berlin, Reichstag, tourist guide
London, Convent Garden, variety show
Passenger aircraft, hand 02
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