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in Arenys de Mar cemetery

The monument to all those from Arenys de Mar who were killed during the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939) is located at the northern end of the Arenys de Mar cemetery. It was made in nummulitic stone by the architect Cèsar Martinell (1888-1973) and opened in 1944. 
Originally dedicated to the dead only on the Franco side, it was located in the middle of Plaça de la Iglesia, built according to a Martinell project in 1942. In 1991, it moved to its current location. Its original structure was also changed as the steps erecting the monument on a podium were removed. Other modifications relate to the legend on the surface of the monument.
Thus, the monument is now dedicated to all the fallen from Arenys de Mar. This is the message that we can read in Catalan on the front of the monument: "A tots els arenyencs morts a causa de la guerra civil espanyola 1936-1939"
However, if we take a look at the back, we may discover another old message in Spanish that hasn't been deleted: "Arenys de Mar a sus caídos 1936-1939".
These photos were taken in March 2020.
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