for the Spain they believed to be better: 
in Canet de Mar cemetery

The Memorial to the Fallen in the Canet de Mar cemetery was made in 1940 by Josep Cabruja Criazola. The monument was originally located in the "Plaza de los Caídos", the current square of the Venerable Gabriel Macià. Since 1977 it has been housed in the municipal cemetery of      Canet de Mar.
It is a square-based stone monument that shrinks as it ascends. At the point where the smallest section is located, stands an obelisk, with crosses marked at its bottom. Originally on each side of the obelisk was the falangist symbol of the yoke and arrows, and an inscription on the bottom with the names of the dead from Canet de Mar who were killed on the national front and in the republican rear. All of these Francoist symbols were eliminated in 1977.
These photos were taken in March 2020.
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