for the Spain they believed to be better:
in Albatera concentration camp

Albatera camp was opened as a work camp by Spanish Republic Government in Albatera (Alicante, Spain) on 24th October 1937 so as to host up to 3.000 prisoners. It is estimated that in  1938 there were 1.012 prisoners. The camp was closed on 28th March 1939 but a few days later in April 1939 the camp was opened again as a concentration camp by Franco forces so as to host in this case republican prisoners. It is estimated that 25,000 people died at the camp. The camp was closed in October 1939.
Nowadays the only vestige from Albatera concentration camp is a small brick shed that was close to the gatehouse and which is now used as tool store. A monument consisted of two twin iron beams, wrapped at the top with broken chains was erected at the entrance of the camp by survivors in 1995. However, this monument which is close to San Isidro rail station, goes unnoticed because of the difficult access to it.
These photos were taken in December 2017 and show the Monument to Albatera concentration camp.
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