for the Spain they believed to be better:
in Barcelona, Santa Elena Moat Memorial / Fossar de Santa Elena

Placed in the Montjuïc Castle it was the first monument to the fallen of the rebel faction in the Spanish Civil War built in Barcelona. It was built on the orders of Captain General Orgaz, who made a collection between the City Council and other corporations. It was inaugurated on 26 January 1940.
The place  of this memorial, Santa Elena Moat, was the place of execution of supporters of the military uprising. In this way the memorial was built to commemorate the execution of these prisoners from the nationalist faction.
According to Monuments commemoratius a Catalunya “it is a large monument located in the moat, composed of an altar and a sculpture. The sculpture, placed on a tombstone on the floor, consists of a bronze lying figure that represents a killed man with a crown next to his bare feet. At the bottom there is an altar, which consists of a large half-point arch between two flag poles and, the altar itself, placed on the lower part of an obelisk. In the arch you can read the inscription and in the obelisk there was an eagle in the front and the yoke and arrows on the side, which were removed in 2008."
The original inscription that was in the arch called “Caídos por Dios y por España, presentes / "Fallen for  God and Spain, present!". It was replaced after the democratic transition, in 1986, by the current inscription, Honor a todos aquellos que dieron su vida por España “to all those who gave their live for Spain” when the castle was still partly under military jurisdiction.
The monument was designed by the architects Manuel Baldrich, Joaquim de Ros de Ramis, Josep Soteras, Manuel de Solà Morales and the sculptors Miquel Oslé and Llucià Oslé.
These photos were taken in July 2019.
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