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Memorial for the women’s prison in Les Corts, Barcelona

Barcelona Provincial Women's Prison known as Les Corts Prison was a penitentiary in the city of Barcelona that was in service between 1936 and 1959. Until the years of the Second Republic it was an asylum, owned by the Dominican sisters of the Presentation. The origin of the Les Corts prison was Republican. The FAI seized the building in October 1936 and  the Prison Committee of the Generalitat de Catalunya assigned it to “Correccional General de Dones”  / "General Women's Correctional Facility".
According to the official website of Barcelona city council “Numerous women were jailed in the Les Corts prison between 1939 and 1955, in many cases for political reasons. Eleven of them were executed by firing squad at the Camp de la Bóta site. The prison closed down in 1955, after the jailers from the religious order which ran the institution managed to arrange a property exchange."
On 14 Desember  2019 a permanent memorial for the women’s prison in Les Corts was inaugurated within the perimeter of which was the  penitentiary. The memorial designed by Núria Ricart, Jordi Henrich and Fernando Hernández Holgado is made up of six stone blocks from different breakwater structures around the peninsula that  complement information totems about the women’s prison in Les Corts. The project responds to the demands of a participatory process opened to the public in 2013 with the Plataforma Futur Monument a la Presó de Dones de les Corts, made up of various organisations and associations.
These photos were taken in February 2020.
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