for the Spain they believed to be better: 
in the Camp de la Bota, Barcelona.
The Parapet de les executades i executats 1939-1952
by Francesc Abad 

According to   the website of Barcelona city council "a total of 1,706 people were executed by Francoists firing squads in Barcelona between the end of the Spanish Civil War and 1952. Some were shot at Montjuïc Castle, others in the Model prison, but the majority, over 1,600 people, died at the parapet at Camp de la Bota, next to the beach and where the Forum now stands. The remains of the parapet are now underwater, but the memory of the victims of the Francoist repression are to be reflated with a twofold work by the artist Francesc Abad, consisting of a memorial in Plaça del Fòrum containing the names of all the victims and the exhibition ‘Camp de la Bota’ at the MUHBA.
The Parapet de les executades i executats 1939-1952 is a huge wall measuring 55 metres long and 3.5 metres high, resembling the wall where the executions took place. It bears the names and surnames of the 1,706 people shot by firing squads, according to documents from the summary war councils and thanks to research conducted by the National Archive of Catalonia. The space was inaugurated in Plaça del Fòrum on 24 February 2019."
These photos were taken in December 2019 and show  some views of The Parapet de les executades i executats 1939-1952.
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