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Les Camposines War memorial
According to COMEBE (Consorci Memorial dels Espais de la Batalla de l’Ebre) "this site, at the foot of St. Bartholomew's Chapel, was conceived as a memorial and tribute to all the participants in the battle. The site also hosts the ossuary where soldiers' remains, which even today appear throughout the region, are laid to rest.
According to terres de l’  “this ossuary-monument has been conceived as a monument to all those who participated in the battle, without distinction of ideologies or sides, to overcome the social fracture represented by the Spanish Civil War and perpetuated through the numerous monuments that, over the years, the representatives of each side have erected in different points of the territory.”
According to Esteve Aymerich, Inés de Rivera and Ton Salvadó from STEM arquitectes “the Battle of the Ebro Memorial intends to be a place of critical reflection achieved by means of a short tour through a very special landscape, testimony of tha bloody battle.
As we go into the interior of the hill in Sant Bartomeu, we reach the original battle trenches, now partially transformed into a big crock.
Accompained by a special light filtered from above and increasingly protected by the slope as we proceed, we discover a place where the combatant remains have been gathered: it is a big wooden box that holds the bone remains of those who died during the battle.
Further ahead, the crack of the transformed trench leads us to the top of the hill through a narrow zigzag stair. Once there, leaving the Sant Bartomeu hermitage behind and the trench below our feet, we are able to contemplate the battle field.
These photos were taken in August 2019 and show some images of The Battle of the Ebro memorial in Camposines (La Fatarella, Terra Alta).
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