for the Spain they believed to be better: in Camposines
Act of remembrance of the dead and disappeared during the Battle of the Ebro
These photos were taken on 17th November 2019 and show some images of the Act of remembrance of the dead and disappeared during the Battle of the Ebro.
This act of remembrance is organized every year by the Memorial Democràtic de Catalunya, the Consorci Memorial dels Espais de la Batalla de l’Ebre / COMEBE and the Council of La Fatarella at The Battle of the Ebro memorial in Camposines (La Fatarella, Terra Alta).
The names of 79 fighters (either republican o nationalist) who died during  the Battle were added to the Memorial.  That means that up to now there are 41 plates with the names of 1623 victims.
Among the new names of these fighters there is the one of Amadeo Merozzi. Amadeo Merozzi was the major of Marzabotto, a village close to Bologna, from September 1920 to November 1921. He left Italy because of Mussolini’s dictatorship and joined the XII International Brigade -the Garibaldi Brigade- in the Spanish Civil War. He died in September 1938 during the Battle of the Ebro.
The major of Marzabotto Valentina Cuppi and the President of Associazone Familiari delle vittime eccidio di Marzabotto, Valter Cardi attended this act of remembrance. They were welcomed by the Mayor of La Fatarella Francisco Blanch Batiste, the Minister of Justice of Catalunya Ester Capella and the director of Memòria Democràtica Gemma Domènech. The act of remembrance was presented by the journalist Xavier Graset and the songwriter Montse Castellà.
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