for the Spain they believed to be better:
Memorial monolith in Girona

According to the Democratic Memorial Memory Bank / Banc de Memòria Democrática del Memorial Democràtic  this preserved francoist symbol consists of  “ a monolith made of Girona limestone (nummulytic) according to the stereotyped model which, during the first ten years after the war, was spread through all the places where there had been violence on the part of the Republican rearguard, especially during the first months of the conflict. In this case, however, it is located about 150 cm from the ground, integrated into the wall, In this way it seems a tombstone rather than a monument. It preserves the metallic cross as the coronation of the memorial monument to the first fallen of Girona at the beginning of the Civil war.
The francoist message which has already been removed was “Primer caído por Dios y por España en esta ciudad / 20 de julio de 1936 / Caballeros de España / Pedro Coma Ysern / ¡PRESENTE!” 
Nowadays the word “PRESENTE” is the only remained one. These photos were taken in March 2020 and show some views of these remaining francoist symbol.
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