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Memorial in Girona cemetery

After the Spanish Civil War, in the early years of the Franco dictatorship, over five hundred persons were executed outside the cemetery wall in Girona between 8 March 1939 and January 1945, most of whom were later buried in the mass grave in that same cemetery. 
According to the website fossesirepressió.cat  "the Girona mass grave was already used before the war and continued to be used later. It was the pit typical of the cemetery. It was the typical grave of the cemetery. During the war years, victims of bombings, rearguard violence and dead soldiers were buried there.

In Girona we have news of the existence of 5 military hospitals, but in this pit the reprisal deads for the Franco's regime stands out. From 1939 to 1945 510 people were executed on the south wall of the cemetery, and, with few exceptions, they were already buried in the existing grave. Many provincial prison inmates were also buried in the grave after their death at the diocesan seminary.

Almost all of these executions took place during the first two years of the Franco dictatorship. In 1939, 370 people were executed, and more than a hundred in the following year  1945.
In 2010, the area was dignified by the placement of a plaque reminiscent of the name of the 510 people executed and buried in the common grave (first and last names, date of execution and place of the last district), with a legend that sets historical facts in context. This grave is part of the Network of Memory Areas, included in the Civil War itinerary and the Francoist repression in Girona, managed by the City History Museum, which passes through three significant areas of the Civil War and repression: The Kindergarten Shelter, the old seminary and the cemetery. "
These photos were taken in March 2020 and show some images of the Girona Cemetery Memorial.
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