for the Spain they believed to be better: in La Garriga cemetery
According to the website,    “67 people were buried in a common grave in La Doma cemetery in La Garriga during the Spanish Civil War. Among them, 42 were soldiers, most of them coming from the military clinic number 12. The rest were inhabitants from La Garriga, or people who had taken refuge in this town.
 The studies of the local historians point to the existence of two very close graves. One, under a cypress in front of the door of the Doma church, and the other, in a street below. The latter was marked in 2009, on the occasion of a tribute to the dead in the conflict.”
La Garriga was bombed by  Nationalist  air raids between 28th and  29th January 1939 during the Spanish Civil War. 15 civilians were killed in the bombings.
La Garriga at that time was a tiny town of 10,000 inhabitants (among them 7,000 refugees from Madrid and the Basque Country)  without air defenses. On 28 January the retreating Lister's troops left the town and fled to the north and on the following day ten Italian Savoia-Marchetti bombers, bombed the town.
On the 80th anniversary of the bombing of La Garriga  a new tribute was offered to the dead in La Garriga during the Spanish Civil War. These pictures were taken on 27th January of 2019 on the occasion of this anniversary.  They show the major of La Garriga Meritxell Bodó and some other councilors from La Garriga city council, the president of Catalonia governement  Joaquim Torra, the majors of Les Franqueses del Vallès, L’Atmetlla del Vallès and Granollers and the historian Joan Garriga.
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