for the Spain they believed to be better: in La Pobla de Claramunt
The Cross of the Eighteen

La Creu dels 18 / The Cross of the Eighteen is a funeral monument placed some meters away from the Cemetery of La Pobla de Claramunt, a village close to Igualada (Barcelona). It was built after the Spanish Civil War in memory of the 18 victims from Igualada who were assassinated there on 17th September 1936.
Built  in stone it is chaired by a cross on a staggered base. The cross is obelisk-shaped and inside it is inscribed another cross decorated in the center by a circle that contains a cross of 8 arms. Althought nowadays it is very difficult to distinguish there is this text on the monument: “Igualada, Caídos por Dios y por España, Presentes”
In the back part of the monument there is a wall with three niches where there are 6 names registered, in total 18.
These photos were taken in July 2018​​​​​​​
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