for the Spain they believed to be better
in la Roca del Vallès, Chapel of Coll de Parpers

This chapel on Coll de Parpers commemorates the fallen of the Spanish Civil War. It is located in la Roca del Vallès municipality.
At first it was called the Chapel of Cristo Rey, since it was built under this invocation in 1941 in memory of many people from the Maresme, close to the rebel faction who were shot there during the Spanish Civil War. In democracy it was renamed in honor of all the fallen from both sides, as it appears in a sign on the portal: “1936 – 1939, per tots els morts de la guerra civil”
This small construction reminds us of the entrance of a barracks. Eudald Dachs, the Rector of La Roca del Vallès, was the impeller of the project which was economically supported by the local councils. In front of the door there are two rows of five benches for those attending the Mass, which was celebrated every year on the second Sunday of May.
Nowadays the Chapel of Coll de Parpers is abandoned.
These photos were taken in July 2019.
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