for the Spain they believed to be better
in Lleida, Monument to the Fallen in the Cemetery of Lleida

According to the Monuments Commemoratius de Catalunya / Institut d’Estudis Catalans ( ”the Monument to the Fallen in the Cemetery of Lleida is a typical monument of the first years of the civil postwar period, formed by an altar, between two doors, which were opened on the same wall where, on the outside, people were shot during the second half of 1936, and some even later , because were considered real or simply potential accomplices of the rebel side in the Spanish Civil War. The Falangist symbol and the traditionalist one –both of them already removed- were engraved on a great prism on the altar for the campaign masses. On top of it, a tall obelisk rises, with an arrow embedded and crowned by a cross, which starts from the arrow.
In Lleida, the shots on the walls of the cemetery or other points reached about five hundred people, military, civil and ecclesiastical. The winners of the civil war gave great importance to the memory of the victims with the purpose of remembering past terror, justifying the present dictatorship and discrediting all those defeated, deliberately ignoring those who were shot or died in jail.
In 2006 it was stripped of all the Francoist symbology. The shields and the typical inscription of the monuments of the national side were removed: CAÍDOS POR DIOS / Y POR ESPAÑA / PRESENTES.”
According to Memorial Democràtic / Universitat de Lleida  “just behind the monolith of the cemetery of Lleida, you can see the monument built in 2005 in memory to the victims. It is a kind of stone wall with two entrances, in the middle of which we find a glass urn with the land of the old wall of the cemetery where some of the victims were shot.
This monument was inaugurated with the inscription "Lleida, als afusselals aci 1936-1940", but later, they was modified by " Lleida, als afussellats aci 1936-1945", in order to extend the tribute to the victims of Francoist repression.
These photos were taken in September 2019 and show some images of the monument.
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