for the Spain they believed to be better
in Lleida, Mausoleum to the Victims of revolutionary repression

These photos show some images of the mausoleum to the victims of revolutionary repression during the Spanish Civil War which is located in the cemetery of Lleida. This mausoleum is placed in the St Joseph department and is presided by a huge horizontal cross. It was inaugurated in 1954.
In 2010 the names of the victims of the revolutionary repression were placed engraved on stone plaques surrounding the mausoleum.
One of the monuments of the mausoleum is the one to the Claretian missionearies. These priests and seminarians from Lleida and Cervera were killed in Lleida by militiamen during  the Spanish Civil War. They are considered martyrs and were beatified on 21st October 2017. Their names are engraved on the stone joined by the sentence “Víctimes de la repressió revolucionària” / “Victims of revolutionary repression”
These photos were taken in September 2019.
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