for the Spain they believed to be better: 
in Montcada i Reixach cemetery

From July 1936 to April 1937 nearly 1,300 people were killed in the Montcada i Reixach cemetery as they were considered to be related to the military uprising against the Republic.  Most of them were killed by CNT-FAI patrols. In this way the Montacada i Reixach cemetery has  the largest grave in the republican rearguard in Catalonia. 
The Francoist authorities exhumed some 1,200 bodies in Montcada. Approximately 700 were not identified. Their unidentified bodies are still buried  in a common grave
According to the local researchers Ricard Ramos and Josep Bacardit the number of victims would be higher because part of those executed were later cremated in the furnaces of neighboring cement factory Asland.
These photos were taken in November 2019 and show some images from the Montcada i Reixach cemetery: the common grave with a stone plaque in a terrible state, dated in  1943, on which you can hardly read a tribute to 23 residents of Batea (Tarragona); a perfectly preserved monument dedicated to five rebellious and shot soldiers in the area; a line of tombstones of 21 residents in Montcada who were executed in other regions, and also a memorial dedicated to 20 Carlist supporters of the coup.
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