for the Spain they believed to be better:
in Olot, War Memorial at The Municipal Cemetery 
The Municipal Cemetery of Olot is at the foot of the slopes of the Montsacopa volcano and  was inaugurated in 1821. In 1941 a War Memorial to the fallen of the rebel faction in the Spanish Civil War was inaugurated in this cemetery.
According to Espais de Memòria / Memorial Democràtic “the monument A los caídos (as popularly known) is the most important funeral element containing Franco’s regime iconography in the city of Olot. It was paid for through a popular subscription promoted by a committee of victims families helped by the council. The design was made by the municipal architect, Joan Aubert Camps.
On Monday 12th of March of 1941, after a solemn mass in the church of Sant Esteve, the monument was given to the cemetery board. Besides a long list of the fallen of the rebel faction, it was adorned with the official symbols of the regime, crowned by the eagle and decorated with tablets with the yoke and arrows. The retired sculptural elements have been catalogued and are currently part of the Garrotxa’s museum collection.”
These photos were taken in July 2019 and show some views of the War Memorial at the Municipal Cemetery of Olot.
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