for the Spain they believed to be better
in Olot: Creu del Triai / Cross of the Triai
The morning of October 31, 1936 11 olotines considered conservative were killed by revolutionary militiamen in the fields of the Triai, Olot. This slaughter took place in retaliation for the rumors of a fascist invasion in the Empordà coast.
Once the Civil War ended with the victory of the Francoist side, a large cross of 5 meters high was erected at the site of the event with the inscriptions of the victims name as well as the yoke shield and the Arrows of the Falange. In democracy these fascist signs were removed.
These photos were taken in July 2019 and show some images of the Cross of the Triai. The yellow ribbons painted on the cross are a symbol of solidarity with the Catalan political prisoners.

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