for the Spain they believed to be better.
In Olot, the memorial monument to President Companys

In February 2016 the memorial monument to President Companys, designed by Marc Torrellas and Marta Milà, was inaugurated coinciding with the 77th anniversary of the entrance of Franco's troops to Olot.
The memorial monument to President Companys installed in front of the Municipal Cemetery of Olot, consists of four white steel bars, which contain four sentences written by President Companys throughout his career:
-Moriré per Catalunya i per lo que ella representa / I will die for Catalonia and for what it represents
-Tornarem a sofrir, tornarem a lluitar, tornarem a guanyar / We will suffer again, we will fight again, we will win again
-Guanyarem perquè tenim la raó i perquè tenim la força / We will win because we are right and because we have the strength
-Catalans: l'hora és greu i gloriosa / Catalans: the time is serious and glorious

The four bars have a horizontal strip of concrete with the title Per Catalunya i Olot, a Lluís Companys. For Catalonia and Olot, to Lluís Companys. The monument is opposed to four black steel bars that represent fascism and oppressors. Both spaces are on top of a large thickness circle.
These photos were taken in July 2019 and show some views of the memorial monument to President Companys.
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