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In Olot, The Monument to the Defeated / Monument als Vençuts 
According to Espais de Memòria / Memorial Democràtic “this work by the sculptor and potter Claudi Casanovas was commisioned by Olot City Council in 2003. The motive behind this work was to create “a monument that honoured the memory of all those men and women from Olot who fought in the defence of the democratilly-established Republic”. The area for the sculpture was built under the direction of architect Xavier Canosa and the work was unveiled on 25 June 2006.
Following an unrepeatable system, a large, 10-tone block of clay, which had previously been frozen, broken and dislodged, to give it the appearance of having fallen onto the ground, was heated to a high temperature. It can be seen through the corner gaps in the cement cube that surrounds it. In the words of its creator: “in reality there will always be in an insurmountable distance, there is an intimacy of suffering and desolation with its own space. As visitors, if we choose, we can only move around it from the outside and glimpse fragments, but never enter”.
These photos were taken in July 2019 and show some views of the Monument to the Defeated / Monument als Vençuts.
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