for the Spain they believed to be better:
Stone Cross on the outskirts of Ripoll

According to the Democratic Memorial Memory Bank / Banc de Memòria Democrática del Memorial Democràtic  this preserved francoist symbol was a was a Stone cross 4 meters high with several podiums. The cross was decorated with a circular crown that joins the extremes of the top of the cross. In the center of the cross there is the emblem of Christ, the Alpha and the Omega, and in the front of the podium there is the following legend: "Ripoll a las víctimas / XXVIII-VIII-MCMXXXIX"
The Stone Cross, placed in 1939 at the edge of the N-152a road  has been removed recently and nowadays  the only part of this francoist symbol is the set of podiums.
According to the Democratic Memorial Memory Bank  this monument is part of a nationalist ensemble with a monolith located 50 meters from the cross. The two memorials were erected in memory of the conservative people that were murdered at the beginning of the war by the uncontrolled. It was placed during the first years of francoism with a desire to extend a memorial policy of the totalitarian regime praising the victims of the rebel side or committed by the belonging or the alleged belonging to the rebel side.”
These photos were taken in March 2020.
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