for the Spain they believed to be better:
Memorial Monolith on the outskirts of Ripoll

According to the Democratic Memorial Memory Bank / Banc de Memòria Democrática del Memorial Democràtic  this preserved francoist symbol "is a  monolith of rectangular floor on a wider podium of about 2 meters height. There is a Greek cross engraved on the front and the following legend: /José Roca Puig, caído por Dios, la patria y la tradición. Asesinado por los marxistas el 27-8-1936/." It was placed in 1939.
According to the Democratic Memorial Memory Bank “possibly the fallen was someone from the neighboring county of Vic”.  This Memorial Monolith  is part of a Francoist memorial with a cross that is 50 meter down to the N-152a road. The cross has already been removed.
These photos were taken in March 2020.
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