for the Spain they believed to be better: in Rosanes airfield
According to the website of La Garriga city council at the beginning of the 1930s Esteve Fernández, an Argentinian businessman and aviation enthusiast built Rosanes, a private airfield, between La Garriga and L’Ametlla (Barcelona).
In 1937, during the Spanish Civil War, the Republic took over the airfield and turned it into a military aerodrome. The airfield played an important role on the Segre and Ebro fronts and later in the air defence of Barcelona. It also had a large impact on the surrounding towns.
The airfield represents one of the most decisive factors in our country’s recent history, and is preserved in its entirety. All of its infrastructure remains intact, including the shelters, the control tower, the command centres, the dining area, the watchtower, the hangar and the Rationalist building. All of this in an area surrounded by natural beauty.
The photos below show several shelters - Can Sorgues, number 2, Can Trias de Bes-, the dining area, the watchover, the hangar and Esteve Fernández’s house, the laundry and Can Bou ballroom.
These photos were taken in June 2017.
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