for the Spain they believed to be better:
Memorial to Josep Maria Planes in  San Cugat del Vallès

According to Joaquim Aloy*  Josep Maria Planes i Martí (Manresa 1907 - San Cugat del Vallès 1936) was  a brilliant, innovative writer, advanced to his time and one of the best journalists in Catalonia. Initiator of investigative journalism in our country, unfortunately he was also the first victim. FAI (Federación Anarquista Ibérica) members assassinated him in August 1936, after Planes had denounced the organization multiple times, with great courage.
His professional career was short, but extraordinary: he was the founder and director of the magazine "Imatges" at the age of 23, director of the historic humorous weekly magazine "El Be Negre" at the age of 24 and a regular contributor to the most prestigious publications of the time, such as "La Rambla", "Mirador" and "La Advertising"."
A memorial to Josep Maria Planes i Marti was inaugurated on 23 Desember 2017 at the Font Groga viewpoint (Sant Cugat del Vallès), near the place where he was killed in 1936.
These photos were taken in January 2020.
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