for the Spain they believed to be better:
in Viladecans Cemetery

According to the Democratic Memorial Memory Bank / Banc de Memòria Democrática del Memorial Democràtic  this preserved francoist  symbol " is a stone monolith, about two meters tall and placed on a square base. It includes decorative elements in the lower corners and ends with a pyramidal tip. On one of the four sides there is the relief of a cross and, at the foot of it, a partially erased inscription, with some illegible characters, but which can still be identified as a tribute text to the fallen francoists. On both sides there is a post-Francoist element: The current shield (stone) from the city of Viladecans. On the back side there is another element placed after Francoism: a stone plate with the inscription  "VILADECANS ALS MORTS DURANT EL PERÍODE 1936-1939" and a small cross under the text. (…) 
Originally located in the town centre, the monolith was inaugurated on January 25th of 1953, when the arrival of the nationalist troops to Viladecans was commemorated. Its location was La Rambla Modolell in its union with the street of Santa Teresa."
According to the city's historical archive, the monolith was transferred to the cemetery in 1979, when new elements were added.
In 2016 the monument was placed again in another place within the same cemetery and was resigned as a monument to the reconciliation of all the victims of Viladecans during the Spanish Civil War. The monument was fully restored in 2017. On April 7, 2019, the New Memorial , which includes the names of the victims on both sides, was inaugurated.
These photos were taken in March 2020.
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