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in the Military Museum of the Legion

The Military Museum of the Legion was established in 1940 to celebrate the Spanish Legion  in Dar-Riffien (Tetouan). The Legion and its museum moved to Ceuta  in 1956 when Morocco gained independence from Spain. Upon the Moroccan independence, the museum was moved to the Barracks of El Serrallo  but a purpose built building was constructed in 1978 on the Paseo de Colón.
The Spanish Legion is a unit of the Spanish Army  and Spain's Rapid Reaction Force. It was raised in the 1920s to serve as part of Spain's  Africa. The unit, which was established in January 1920 as the Spanish equivalent of the French Foreign Legion, was initially known as the  “Tercio” of foreigners, the name under which it began fighting in the Rif War  of 1920–1926. Although it recruited some foreigners mostly from Spanish-speaking nations, it recruited predominantly from Spaniards. As a result, and since it existed to serve in Spanish Morocco, it was soon renamed “Tercio” of  Morocco. By the end of the Rif War it had expanded and again changed its name, to the "Spanish Legion", with several "tercios" as sub-units. The Legion played a major role in the Nationalist forces in the Spanish Civil War.
The garden of access to the museum exhibits a bust, of the lieutenant Mario Emilio Muñoz Díaz, died during the Spanish Civil War, fighting in the pro-Franco side in the Ebro’s Front, in 1939.
Opposite the Legion Museum, in the Plaza del Teniente Reinoso, there is a bronze sculpture to the Legion made by Luis Martín de Vidales Gómez and inaugurated on 19th September  2007, on the occasion of the 87th. anniversary of the founding of the Legion. 
The sculpture represents a spender of the Legion while parading, with the rifle over his shoulder, accompanied by a goat dressed in the traditional cap. The sculptural set rests on a granite base adorned with the shield of the “Tercio” Duke of Alba and the phrase "Legionaries to fight, legionaries to die".
These photos were taken in April 2018 and show some views of the Military Museum of the Legion and its surroundings.
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