for the Spain they believed to be better:
Creu del Pedró in Sant Just Desvern (Barcelona)

According to the Democratic Memorial Memory Bank / Banc de Memòria Democrática del Memorial Democràtic  this preserved francoist symbol  consists of "a Cross of about 2.5 meters located on a pedestal in a cube of 1m x 1m."
The Creu del Pedró was inaugurated and blessed on the 14th of July, 1940. It was originally located on the street Creu del Pedró 6-8. It replaced the stone cross raised by the parish of Saints Just and Pastor on 2 February 1919 in memory of the mission Penitence, destroyed in July 193.
According to A. Malaret,  "The stone wayside cross, located on " El Pedró" Mound and destroyed by revolutionary events, was replaced by the current iron cross which is in the same place as the previous one and which was blessed on 15 July 1940. Its wrought iron was forged at the Trullén workshops located on the old path of Sant Joan".  
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