Holy Thursday Procession in Melilla: crossing the bridge
The first Holy Week in Melilla was celebrated in the year 1498. From then on it has become a week full of Christian faith, tradition and Spanish identity. From Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday the streets of Melilla are flooded with popular Christianity. Five brotherhoods make it possible: Flagelación, Nazareno, Jesús Cautivo, Soledad and Humillado. These brotherhoods are usually custodied by members of Spanish and Navy Army. That is the case of the Cofradía del Cautivo, responsible of carrying the Jesús Cautivo and Virgen del Rocío statues in the Holy Thursday Procession, which takes more than 12 hours. One of the most difficult moments of the procession is when the statues have to cross a bridge, el Puente de los Alemanes. These photos were taken during this event in April 2015.
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