in Kosovo: a statue of Bill Clinton in Pristina
“God bless America and our Western friends”, Ibrahim Rugova, the first president of Kosovo, used to say at the end of his speeches in the 1990’s.
According to César Dezfuli  (project Kosovo:51st state) “the phrase stuck with the public and the sentiment only grew stronger when Bill Clinton ordered NATO to bomb Serbian targets during the Kosovo war in 1999…  Roguva’s words would remain etched in the collective consciousness, repeated incessantly, even today, reflecting the affection Kosovo has to United States ever since.”
After the Kosovo War  of 1998 to 1999, the Albanians in Kosovo  wanted to thank former U.S. President Bill Clinton  for his help in their struggle with the government of Yugoslavia. A  3m  bronze statue of Clinton was unveiled on the Bill Clinton boulevard in Pristina on 1st November 2009, in a ceremony at which the former president spoke. According to  César Dezfuli this statue is “the gesture that best exemplifies the extent of the nation’s devotion” to the US.
On Bill Clinton’s avenue, just a few meters from Bill Clinton’s statue is the women’s clothing stored called Hillary, in honor of Hillary Clinton.
These photos were taken in August 2018.
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