in Kosovo: the National Martyrs Monument in Pristina
The National Martyrs Monument in Velania -Pristina- honors the Yugoslav partisans that died during the liberation of the region in World War II. The monument consists of a platform with a metal globe shape on a stick, surrounded by several concrete shells sticking out of the ground.  220 participants of the National Anti-Fascism Liberation War between 1941-45 were buried there.
Close to the National Martyrs Monument there are the graves of the President Ibrahim Rugova, died in 1996 and the Kosovo Albanian politician and writer Adem Demaçi, died in July 2018. Adem Demaçi had joined the Kosovo Liberation Army  (KLA) in 1998, serving as the head of its political wing. In 2010 he had received the order Hero of Kosovo. His death in July 2018  was marked by three days of national mourning.
The cemetery of martyrs in Pristina also houses the KLA cemetery. In May 2015 additional graves were added there when the bodies of nine NLA-affiliated Kosovar were buried.
These photos were taken in August 2018.
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