In Moscow: plaster cast reproductions in the Puskhin Museum
According to Irina Skoptsova, curator of the plaster collection at the Puskhin State Museum of Fine Arts in Moscow, the Pushkin Museum was originally conceived as a museum mostly for students of art, who could see and compare the most famous monuments in art history without expensive trips around the world. The idea of creating such a museum in Moscow was conceived by professor Vladimir Ivanovich Tsvetaev, who personally ordered plaster casts in the moulds workshops, completed the collection and thought through plans of the permanent exhibition rooms, which are partially preserved to this day.
On the other hand The Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts is in possession of the largest world art collections in Russia. Today, around 700,000 art works from different epochs are present in the Pushkin museum's collection ranging from Ancient Egypt and Greece up until the beginning of XXI century.
These photos were taken in April 2017.
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