In Sarajevo: the Sarajevo Tunnel Museum
The Sarajevo Tunnel museum houses the Butmir entrance of the Sarajevo tunnel also known as Tunnel of Hope / Tunel Spasa.
During the Siege of Sarajevo (from 5 April 1992 to 29 February 1996)  the Sarajevo tunnel  served as the only connection of the isolated and besieged city to the outside world. The tunnel, dug by Bosnian forces in 1993, bypassed the UN blockade of the airport by tunneling under the runway over a distance of 340 meters. The tunnel allowed arms, munitions, oil and food to be transported into the city, and served as an evacuation route for officials and civilians. In a later stage of the war, a pipeline for oil and cables for electric power and telecommunications were also installed. Aside from a small segment of the tunnel which can be visited, the museum also offers a wealth of information on the Siege of Sarajevo, with numerous artifacts on display.
These photos were taken in August 2017.
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