in Sofia: The Mound of Brotherhood
According to Folkestone Jack ”The Mound of Brotherhood (Bratska mogila) in Borisova Gradina (formerly Freedom Park) is a memorial complex constructed as a permanent reminder of the sacrifice of the partisans to free Bulgaria during the Second World War. It was opened on 2nd June 1956 – the 80th anniversary of the death of Bulgarian revolutionary Hristo Botev whose words adorn the monument ‘He who dies in a fight for freedom never dies’.
The remains of 17 partisans fighters  (members of the Bulgarian Communist Party and the Workers’ Youth Union) who died in the fight against fascism were laid to rest within the site.
At the centre of the monument are two gigantic bronze sculptures of partisan fighters, weapons in hand, standing at the foot of a 41 meter high granite obelisk. On either side are reliefs that depict the struggle of the Bulgarian people, the welcome given to the Soviet Army and the joy of the people on the occasion of the 9th September 1944 coup d’état”
According to Folkestone Jack “the monument is controversial, as it weaves different eras and movements together to celebrate the triumph of socialism over capitalism. Plans have been in the works to take the monument down, although there have been only minimal efforts towards that end”.
These photos were taken in August 2018.
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