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in Miranda de Ebro 03

At the begining of the Spanish Civil War (1936-39) there were thousands of Republican prisoners in northern Spain. To alleviate the problem, Burgos government was ordered to build four concentration camps in the province. One of them was installed in Miranda de Ebro thanks to its privileged geographical location near the enemy front and to its excellent communications by rail and road.
This memorial in the Parque Alcalde Emiliano Bajo in Miranda de Ebro commemorates the victims of the reprisal measures by the Franco Regime, during and after the Spanish Civil War. It consists of a sculpture made by Eugenio Cabello and inspired in the work of art “Palo tras Palo” made by the painter from Miranda José Manuel Fuentes (1955.2003).The monument was inaugurated in February 2008.
These photos were taken in March 2017.
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