In Tirana: behind the National Gallery of Arts
According to visit-tirana “the National Gallery of Arts is a state institution under the care of the Ministry of Culture. The beginnings of the National Arts Gallery can be traced back to the endeavours of a group of Albanian artists and the Arts Committee of 1946. It has changed location several times. The current venue opened on 29 November 1974, and is situated on the Martyrs of the Nation Boulevard. The gallery currently houses 4626 artworks and more than 600 registered artists in the archives. The Gallery of Arts is the only national institution that exhibits, conserves, studies, restores, publishes, documents and archives the works of art in the country.”in Kosovo: Adem Jashari Memorial in Prekaz 02
Behind the National Gallery of Arts building, in the back yard there are a group of statues that remind us of Albania’s communist period. We can see the statue of Lenin without his right arm , two statues of Stalin, a damaged portrait of Enver Hoxha, a figure of a soldier aiming his rifle at something behind him and an other figure of a worker raising a pickase into the air. Opposite to them there is a statue of a young female soldier.
These photos were taken in August 2018.
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