In Zagreb, The Grič Tunnel
The Grič Tunnel  is a  350m-long pedestrian tunnel located under the historic neighbourhood of Grič in the city centre of Zagreb, Croatia. The tunnel consists of a central hall, which is connected by two passageways to Mesnička Street in the west and Stjepan Radić Street in the east, and four passageways extending to the south.
It was built during World War II by the Ustaše government to serve both as a bomb shelter and a promenade, but following the war it quickly fell into disrepair and disuse. The tunnel saw renewed use only in the 1990s, hosting one of the first raves in Croatia, and functioning as a shelter during the Croatian War of Independance. In 2016, the tunnel was remodeled and opened to the public, serving as a tourist attraction and hosting cultural events. There are plans to turn the tunnel into an interactive Museum of the Senses.
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