In Zâle Central Cemetery, Ljubljana: deceased soldiers from World Wars
Žale Central Cemetery is the largest and the central cemetery in Ljubljana. It is operated by the Žale Public Company. The cemetery was built in 1906 behind Holy Cross Church
According to the European Cemeteries route “The Italian military cemetery in the Žale Central Cemetery  is the burial ground of deceased Italian soldiers from World War I. It consists of rows of identical low stone crosses and an obelisk topped by a bronze eagle. There are 1,176 graves.
Next to the Italian military burial ground in 1962, the Austrian – Yugoslav Association erected a monument to the Austrians, who died in Slovenia during World War II. The monument is composed of two stone blocks and a bronze figure, which are connected by a smoothed ground surface from the same stone. The bronze inscription on the cube is a dedication of the monument of peace among peoples and the dead from various places from Austria, which are symbolically represented by nine bronze regional coats of arms, arranged around the national coat-of-arms.
The sculptor Wolfgang Skala has modelled out an ideal figure of a naked young boy in an angry pose, lifting a piece of broken sword above his head. More than with the anatomy, the figure takes effect with lines, creating St. Andrew’s cross. There are 275 people buried in this burial ground.”
These photos were taken in March 2018 and show some views of  the Italian military cemetery and the monument to the Austrians, who died in Slovenia during World War II.
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