Maks Luburić: from Jasenovac to Carcaixent
Vjekoslav "Maks" Luburić ( 1914 –1969), an Ustaše Militia and Armed Forces general in the Independent State of Croatia, was the commander of the Jasenovac extermination camp. Besides running the camp, Luburić would come to Jasenovac to participate in executions in person.
After the defeat of the Independent State of Croatia at the end of the war, Luburić escaped to Francoist Spain. He settled in Carcaixent, Spain, where he went under the name of Vicente García Pérez,  although the locals referred to him as "El Polaco". In 1957, he founded the Croatian National Resistance (Hrvatski narodni odpor, HNO), a radical nationalist and terrorist organization, and led it for two decades, until his death.
Luburić was buried in Carcaixent cemetery where his tomb can be visited today. These photos were taken in December 2017 and show Vjekoslav "Maks" Luburić’ s tomb in Carcaixent cemetery.
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