Mauthausen granite in Vienna: Albertinaplatz
According to the information text on the spot, "Albertinaplatz was once the site of Philipp-Hof, an imposing apartment block built during the prosperous final quarter of the 19th century. It was destroyed in an air-raid on March 12th 1945. Hundreds died who had sought refuge in its cellar. The exact number of the dead has never been verified as bodies could not be recovered from the rubble. For this reason, it was deemed during the commemorative year of 1988, to be an appropiate site for the city of Vienna to place a Monument against War and Fascism. The Austrian sculptor Alfred Hrdlicka was given the commission for its concept and execution.
The Gate of Violence stands at the front of the square: it is constructed from Mauthausen granite, identical to the Stone that thousands of prisoners were forced to carry up the Steps of Death at Mauthausen Concentration Camp."
On the other hand we have to be aware that thanks to the Allies of War II and the B-24 and B-17s from the United States Air Forces which bombed Vienna on 12th March 1945,  Mauthausen Concentration Camp could be liberated by US Army some months later, on 5th  May 1945.
From my point of view  this monument in Albertinaplatz could be a good exemple to ilustrate Victim theory that states that the state of Austria was the first victim to fall prey to the aggressive foreign policy of the National Socialists.
Since the victim theory effectuated a suppressing of the fact of Austrian collaboration concerning the atrocities of the National Socialists, it is often declared to be the "Lie of Life" of the Second Austrian Republic. 
These photos were taken in May 2017.
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