On sale: Tourist Paradise, Brochures
At the moment (2010) Manel Clemente is working in a creative photographic project, "World Souvenir". The artist is conducting an anthropological reseach about urban and cultural tourism around the world.
He has already visited most of European capitals, New York, Beijing, Tokyo... His pictures try to analyze our obsession with travelling, sometimes humorously and ironically.
The photos below are also connected to an other project, "On sale", a photographic interpretation of consumer society. They  were taken in the Saló Internacional del Turisme a Catalunya, organized by Fira de Barcelona from 15th until 18th April 2010. People from over the world, dressed in tradtional costumes, show us attractive tourist brochures about their countries, that may help us to decide our next destination.

Comunidad de Murcia's stand
Showing a brochure about Malaysia
Selling privates safaris in Africa
Showing a brochure about Lapland
Taking a photo of Belly Dancing
Offering a "fino" to visitors
Showing brochures about "Riads con encanto"
Eaglerider's stand
Showing a brochure about Peru
Berber using his labtop
Showing a brochure about Peru
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