Remembering Tito
The House of Flowers is located on the grounds of the Museum of Yugoslav History in Belgrade, Serbia. It is the resting place of Marshal Josip Broz Tito (1892–1980), the President of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, and his wife Jovanka Broz (1924–2013).
According to the Muzej Jugoslavije / Museum of Yugoslav History  "the House of Flowers was built in 1975, designed by architect Stjepan Kralj as a winter garden with a total of 902 m2 of work and leisure space for Josip Broz, close to his Residence.
It comprises a central flower garden between two parallel utility spaces. Opposite the entrance is an open terrace overlooking Belgrade.  In accordance with his wishes, Tito’s body was interred in the central flower garden in 1980."
The photos below were taken in the House of Flowers and in the Museum of Yugoslav History in August 2017.
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