World souvenir, some more pictures

At the moment (2009) Manel Clemente is working in a creative photographic project, "World souvenir". The artist is conducting anthropological reseach about urban and cultural tourism around the world. He has already visited most of European capitals, New York, Beijing, Tokyo... and he is preparing his next trip to Shanghai. His pictures try to analyze our obsession with travelling, sometimes humorously and ironically.
Luzern, Löwendenkmal
London, Albert & Victoria Museum
London, Albert Memorial
Berlin, Altes Museum, Nefertiti 01
Berlin, Altes Museum, Nefertiti 02
New York, Rockefeller Center
New York, Metropolitan Museum
New York, Empire State Building
New York, Empire State Building
Madrid, Plaza Real
Oxford, Jesus College
Chester, view from the Clock Tower
Donostia, Peine del Viento, Chillida
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